How long have you had Bad Skin? How long have you looked in the mirror, looked at your red spots, dark marks, rough skin or roseacea and wished it would dissapear. Instead of working of perfecting your natural skin, you began engaging in negative habits – covering your natural beauty with chemical makeup, cosmetic surgery and entered into a bad relationship with your skin. The kind that stops you from having the courage to go out without a full face of makeup. Our Immaculate Collection Rapid Repair Set is a 35 day kit that allows you to start your new relationship with your skin today. Most of our existing clients have shared stories about the difficulty of starting over. Trusting a new product once they’ve been let down by so many brands that over-promise and under-deliver. Let Premae be your fresh start. Fall in love with your skin again, trust our proven Award Winning products and start the most exciting journey of your beauty life. Take weekly pictures and send them to us. The best will be displayed in our store and on our website The set contains: 50ml Balance rescue face wash HAPPY NEW YEAR!