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    Dr Clare was contacted by multi-media news company Video Blogg to be interviewed regarding our 6 years as a pioneering Vegan beauty and lifestyle brand.

    Reporter, Gemma Grandison interviews Clare on the history of the brand, her personal journey, Alkaline ingredients and the important of plant based beauty. From 19mins onwards Gemma models for Clare as she demonstrates how exactly to use all 4 shades our NEW Foundations!

    Our foundations can be used as concealer, corrector, contour cream and full coverage foundation. They each come with 4 cream shades.

    Shade 01 = previous mmfoundation 1,2,3,4 European Skin tones 

    Shade 02 = previous mmfoundation 5,6,7,8 South East Asian Skin tones

    Shade 03 = previous mmfoundation 9,10,11,12 Mixed heritage &/or afro-carribean skin tones 

    Shade 04 = previous mmfoundation 13, 14, 15, 16 Afro-Carribean skin tones

    Watch and learn, and then have a go yourself! our foundation are currently on special offer to celebrate our birthday – plus you can enjoy a free AVA Spa Mask when you enter code: happybirthday (ends dec 31st 2017)

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