Premae is award winning for Eczema Skin.

Premae  Pharm100 Range is the best Allergen-friendly regime for Eczema Skin.

What is Eczema skin?

Skin that is excessively dry, weeping and itchy due to a combination of diet (usually wheat/ gluten/ soy or dairy intolerance) and sensitivity to Petro-chemicals Lanolin, Palm, SLS and steroids.  

What’s the magic? 

It’s the Virgin, Vegan cold pressed Olive Oil
that makes Pharm100 Range so affective. Our naturally grown Olive Oil has the power to calm inflammation the appearance of redness whilst soothing chapped and cracked skin cells on just a few application. We typically say, use the full range for 30days to see incredible results. Then continue longterm to maintain the results.