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Why Take The Foods You Can Food Intolerance Test 180 Foods?

Ever eat out? we all do, and sometimes after eating the meal you feel terrible and you wonder why that is the case? Or you eat your favourite cake that you have been used to eating for years and all of a sudden you feel bloated and you wonder why?

As we all know now more and more of us seem to be suffering from symptoms such as are bloating, tiredness, indigestion, water retention, skin problems, believe it or not food can be the issue to why we are suffering from these problems. Some studies have now shown that at least 1 in 5 of the Uk’s population do suffer from a food intolerance.

Having a intolerance to gluten, dairy, citrus fruit, chocolate, sugar and yeast as well as caffeine are some of the most common food intolerance that people do suffer from, now these ingredients are found in every day foods such as bread, cereals, pasta, coffee, milk and cheese to name a few.

If you have a food intolerance you start to react to the foods that you have an intolerance too causing some of the symptoms that were mentioned above. This will continue to happen and effect your day to day life, whether this may be at work or when you are out and about meaning you cannot relax when you enjoy your food.

Read about which 300 foods tested to make the best choice for you ImuPro-Foods-We-Test (1)-2

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Product Description

Allergy Test ~ Home Testing Food intolerance test for 44- 270 essential foods. A simple skin prick blood test could help you determine the foods that make you feel unwell. It’s time to take control of your diet, your skin and your mental health. Food intolerances are linked to auto-immune disorders, everyday skin disease like Acne, Psoriasis and even some mental health issues like bipolar. This test is the best we’ve experienced for helping you accurately find the culprits that are causing havoc and comes with a thorough report to help you select alternatives to enjoy your life and maintain your wellbeing, confidently. Can be used by children with a responsible adult to help with the quick skin prick. Full instructions come with the pack.    

What Happens Once I Place an Order?

Once your order is placed for the food intolerance test, your sample kit is mailed out to you by first class delivery so that you can get the process started as soon as possible. Our aim is to make the process quick and easy for you and so we provide a safe and secure free post return envelope for you to send your blood sample back to our lab via a prepaid courier.

Taking a Finger Prick Blood Sample Our sample kit is quick and easy to use. All that is needed is a simple skin prick on the tip of your finger or thumb. Watch the video to see the instructions on how to take a blood sample from home.


Results are available within 5 to 7 working days of sample receipt and are uploaded to your client/account area and sent to you via email or through the post.

Reports Our reports are prepared in a group format so that results from similar types of foods are listed together.

Each food is classified under the the titles Avoid, Borderline or No Reaction column

What to Do Next

Foods under the Avoid column should be avoided for a period of 2-3 months after which time they can be re-introduced one by one. Intake of foods in the Borderline category should be moderated and eaten occasionally. If symptoms return when a particular food is re-introduced, the food should again be removed from the diet.

It is important that for any food you take out of your diet, you swap it with a suitable alternatives so as not to lose out on essential nutrients for the body. We’re here to help for foods, advise and much more.

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